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The Skin Soother Set
Our Price: $60.00

This gift box includes a jar of Bodhi Sugar Scrub,  a Skin Serenity Balm and a 1 oz I Booster Spray.
Boutique Essential Oils - Set of four, 5 ml dropper bottles
Our Price: $32.00

Handcrafted from Lokta Paper that is sustainably harvested and manufactured in Nepal, this small gift box contains four  5ml bottles of essential oils.  All oils are either certified organic or ethically wild-crafted, and are 100% pure and unadulterated.  Oils are:  Rosemary, Red Mandarin, Clary Sage and Ho Wood. Set includes an insert that explains each oil and how to use them.

Organic Essential Oils, pure and unadulterated. Grown in accordance with both USDA NOP and Eco-cert organic standards. The set of four oils include:

Spanish Rosemary - steamed distilled, great for use in the bath or a diffuser. Rosemary oil support respiratory health, clears the mind for meditation and study, and is soothing for sore muscles.

Red Mandarin - Cold expressed, meaning the oil is squeezed from the rind. Mandarins used for this oil are non-sprayed. This oil is a great mood lifter, great for soothing sore muscles and depression. gentle enough for children and the elderly, and to add to unscented creams and lotions, bath or a diffuser.

Clary Sage - steamed distilled, great for women's hormonal support. A comforting oil to sooth grouchy moods and aches associated with women's cycles. But also great to soothe sore muscles and encourage deep rest. Try blending into an unscented cream or lotion, adding to bath or just enjoy its aroma.

Ho Wood, from China - a lovely relaxing oil, steam distilled from the wood of the camphor tree, but the aroma resembles closely that of rosewood oil. very quieting to the mind and body, deeply sedating. Great for baths, adding to unscented creams or lotions, and using in a diffuser. gentle enough for children and the elderly, great for skin care.

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Meditation Journal
Our Price: $5.00

Handmade lokta paper meditation journal. About 3" X 2.5" big, with beautifully blank pages!  Made in Nepal.
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